Prof. Daisy Das

Prof. Daisy Das


Ph.D. : IIT-Guwahati

Research Interests:

Development Economics and Environmental Economics
Joined the University in Mar 1, 2016

Phone: 8761809849

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Professor, Department of Economics


Cotton University

North Eastern Hill University


21 years

Research Projects

  • Large Scale Survey, 2022. Government of Assam, Title: Measuring farmers’ income. Amount: Rs. 49.5 Lakhs


  • Major research project, ICSSR, 2019 Title: Crop loss and farmers’ vulnerability in Assam: Role of safety nets and institution. Amount: Rs. 11  Lakhs 


  • In-house research grant, Cotton University, 2019 Title: Use of mobiles for learning among students: Empirical Evidence from Assam. Amount: Rs. .5 Lakhs



  • Postdoctoral Research Grant from NERC-ICSSR, 2013, Government of India, 


  • Major Research Project Grant, ICSSR, 2012, Government of India, Title: Adaptation to climate change: A case study of flood prone areas in Assam.Amount: Rs. 7.5 Lakhs


  • Major Research Project Grant, UGC, 2011, Government of India, Title: Cost and benefit of protection in Kaziranga National Park: A Case Study. Amount: Rs.  5 Lakhs


  • Minor Research Project Grant, UGC, Government of India, Topic: Environment and quality of life, 2007.

Research Projects

slno Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Copi Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Reducing Girls School Drop-out: A case study in select areas of Assam
Status: Ongoing
Co-PI: Prof. Daisy Das Prof. Daisy Das ICSSR, New Delhi Government 10

Research paper publications till 2021


  • Determinants of farmers’ vulnerability to poverty due to crop loss: The case of Assam, India. Studies in Microeconomics, 2023
  • Learning through smartphone during pandemic in Assam, India: Evidence from panel data. Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences .Vol. 44 No. 1: 179–194, 2023
  • Students’ perceptions of smartphone use: Institutional policies in Assam, E-learning and Digital Media, 2023
  • Impact of climate change on agriculture and adaptation: Farmers’ experience in North-East India. Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences. Vol.44(1): 81–95, 2023
  •  Modal choice determinants in an urban set up for the daily commute, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, 2022  
  • The extent of traffic congestion in Guwahati, India: A multi index analysis. Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 28, 2022
  • Support from social safety nets and institutions to farmers experiencing crop loss: Leaning from field survey in Assam. Dogo Rangsang, IX (XVI), 2022
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihood in North East India. GUINEIS.VII(VIII),   2022
  • Is pest attack responsible from crop loss? Learning from farmers of Assam. Pestology, XLV (08): 19-30, 2021
  •  Disaster and quality of life: An example from Assam, India. Disaster Advances, XIII (3):24-31, 2020
  • Energy: An Exploratory Study on the Experience of Developing Countries in the Context of Development and the State of the Environment. Space and Culture,7(1):27-38, 2019
  • Potential of ecotourism as a source of income: an explanatory study around Kaziranga National Park, India. Ecology Environment and Conservation, XXV (4): 1829-1835, 2019
  •  Wetland conservation and the role of institution: A review in the Indian context. Assam Economic Review,12:96-109, 2019
  •   Climate change and pests attack: A case study of Assam. Pestology, 2019
  •   Flood induced vulnerability to poverty: Evidence from Brahmaputra valley, Assam, India. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 24: 451-461, 2017
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  •   Does tourism affect economic welfare? Evidence from Kaziranga National Park, India, Journal of Ecotourism, 15(3): 241-260, 2016
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  •  Damage by Wildlife Around Protected: An Empirical Investigation around Kaziranga National Park. Environment Conservation Journal, 15(1), 77-82, 2014
  •  Attitudes Towards Biodiversity Conservation of Forests Dwellers and Encroachers: A Case Study of Assam in Northeast India, Small-Scale Forestry, 12:307-319, 2013
  • Willingness to Spend Labour Hour for Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study with Special Reference to Village Forest Dwellers and Encroachers in Assam. Journal of Biodiversity,  4(1):45-51, 2013
  • Is Solar Electrification a Sustainable Solution for Rural Electrification? Learning from Field Experience. Indian Journal of Energy, 2(5): 1-9, 2013
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  • Urban Environment and Waste Management in Dibrugarh city, Assam. Assam Economic Journal, XVIII, 2005

Working papers



Conference Proceedings till 2021

  • Learning through mobile during pandemic in Assam, India: Evidence from panel data,  International conference on Contemporary challenges in management, education, technology and applied sciences, SEMS welfare foundation, 9th April, 2022,  SEMS,Noida Uttar Pradesh
  • Crop loss and farmers’ vulnerability to poverty: The role of institution and safety nets,  International conference on contemporary issues in Economics, XIM University, Odisha, 7th February, 2022
  • Das, D. and H. Nath. (2015,Oct 15-17).Energy, Economy and Environment: Revisiting Evidence From B(R)ICS Countries,[Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Meeting]. Bolivia.
  • Borbora, S., Das, D., Mahanta, R. (2015, May 26-31). Determinants of Adoption of Clean Energy Source: The Case of Biogas In India. [International Conference on “International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference”]. Las Vegas, USA.


  • Das, D. (2015, April 07-10).Conflict or Conservation: A Roadmap for management of Kaziranga National Park, [Southwestern Social Science Association].
  • Hussain, I. and Das, D.(2012, March 6-8).Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Areas: The Study of Ecotourism Activities in Kaziranga National  Park [Sustainability Conference] Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, India.
  • Das, D. (2012, June 2-4). Cultural Tourism in Kaziranga National Park: A Case Study, [Indo-Iranian Heritage in the Context of Sufism as a Bond of Culture and Toursim Between India (N.E.)-Iran_Afghanistan-Turkey and Central Asia] Department of Persian, Gauhati University, India
  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2011, Dec 28-30).Role of Infrastructure in Developing countries: A Case study of Assam [International Conference on “Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance (ICFIF-2011)”]  Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 28-30 December
  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D.(2011, Nov 9-11). Scope of Livelihood Sustainability in Assam: An Indicator Based Approach[International Conference on “Sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity”] , Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, India.
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  • Mahanta, R. and Das, D. (2004, Jan 18-19). Regional Economic Co-operation between India and Bangladesh through Border Trade: Opportunities for Economic Prospects of Northeast Region, Margherita College, Margherita, India


Some Referred and accepted  conference paper (National)

  • Das, D. and Mahanta, R. (2012, Feb 3-4). Infrastructure Development in Assam: A Comparative Study among Districts [UGC sponsored National Seminar on Infrastructure for Economic Development of Assam: Problems and Prospects] Jagiroad College, Assam, India.
  • Das, D. (2012, Feb 3-4). Sustainable Rural Development: A Conceptual Approach [UGC sponsored National Seminar on Rural Development in North-East India: Problems and Prospects] Barbhag College, Nalbari, Assam, India.
  • Hussain, I. and Das, D.(2012 Sept 27-28).Ecotourism in Kaziranga National Park. Entrepreneurship Development Efforts and Training Needs Assessment for Growth of North East India [UGC sponsored National Seminar] GNDC Commerce College, Nagaon, Assam, India.
  • Hussain, I. and  Das, D.(2013). Ecotourism in Kaziranga: A Case Study of Local People’s Participation in Tourism:Economy and Environment [National Seminar sponsored by North East India North East India Council for Social Science Research] Shillong, Meghalaya, India.
  • Das, D. and Borbora, S. (2010, Dec 27-31).Variation in Quality of Life: a Case Study [Indian Social Science Congress, Gauhati University], Guwahati, Assam, India.
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  • Das, D. (2005, Jan 5-6). Issues Concerning Economic Growth and Sustainability in North East Region of India. National Institute of Rural Development-North East Regional Centre
  • Das, D. and Das, K. (2005, Sept 10-11). Sustainability in the North Eastern Region: The Relevance of the Concept of Eco-localism [UGC sponsored National Seminar on Environment and Sustainable Development], Rangia College, Assam, India.

Book publication relating subject/research concerned


  • Research in Social Science: A handbook for beginners, Himalaya Publishing House, 2023
  •  Farmers’ vulnerability to poverty, its causes and preventive measures: An annotated bibliography. Himalaya Publishing House , 2022
  •  Mobile phone, economic development and education: A synthesis. Eastern Readers Publication, 2022
  • Flood in Assam: Vulnerability and adaptation, Mahi Publication, 2019
  • Forest Resource Use and Biodiversity Conservation. Lap Lambart Academic Publishing, 2013
  • Quality of Life in Urban Area: An Environmental Perspective. Lap Lambart Academic Publishing 2013  

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)


  • The dynamics of deforestation, river bank erosion in India with special reference to Assam. In Environment, Climate Change and Migration in South Asia. Rutledge, 2023   
  • Role of women in economic development in India. In (editor name) Inclusive growth and development (pp. 185-193). INSC International Publisher, 2022
  •  Women in shifting cultivation: Field level experience from Meghalaya.In Contemporary issues in Economics,  Iterative International Publisher, 2022
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  • Crime against women: A situational study of Assam.  Emmpowering Women in India. Empowering Women in India, White Falcon Publishing House, 2021  
  • Revisiting the prevalence of anaemia among women in India with special reference to Assam.In Empowering Women in India, White Falcon Publishing House, 2021
  • Ecotourism for rural development: A case study of Kaziranga National Park. In   Rural development: Opportunities and challenges. Department of Commerce, Gauhati University and NABARD, 2019
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  • Sustainability in the Northeastern Region: The Relevance of the Concept of Ecolocalism, [Environ, 2005], Rangia College, Assam, 2005



Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 Masum Ahmed Economic Costs of Urban Traffic Congestion: A Study of Guwahati City.
2 Anuradha Gogoi Pest Attack in Agriculture: An Assessment of Yield Loss and Economic Cost in Assam
3 Sanjib Dutta Anaemia among adolescent girls: An assessment of socio-cultural and economic factors in upper Brahmaputra Valley of Assam, India
4 Simismita Borah Economic Cost estimation of Crime victimization: A Study of Assam
5 Nijara Gogoi Agriculture and Environmental Economics ECO2091006
6 Karan Jyoti Mahanta Environmental Economics


  • Honour of Guest Editor in 2020 of the Journal “Development Practices” published by Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati.


  • Outstanding reviewer, 2017, Elsevier.


  • Raman Fellowship, 2013-14, University Grants Commission to pursue postdoctoral research in the U.S.A.


  • Postdoctoral research Grant from NERC-ICSSR, 2013, Government of India


  • One of the Best Paper Presented in SUSCON International conference, IIM-Shillong, 2011


  • Junior Research Fellowship, UGC, 2000.


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