Dr Mitali Das

Ph.D. :Gauhati University

Research Interests:


Email: mitalidas9[AT]yahoo.co.in
Joined the University in 21-February-1997.

Career Profile/Services:

1. Lecturer, SB Deorah College, Ulubari, Guwahati (August 1993-February1997)

2. Lecturer, Cotton College,Guwahati (February 1997-February2003)

3. Lecturer, Senior Scale (February 2003-February 2008)

4. Lecturer, Selection Grade (February 2008-February2011)

5. Associate Professsor (February2011-)

Administrative assignments within and outside the institution:

1. Member Of Examination Branch, Cotton College, 2016- 2017

2. Member of HS First Year Examination Committee 2017, 2018

3. CBCS UG Economics Syllabus Committee, Department of Economics , GU

Activities/assignments in the University:

Asstt General Secy, Cotton College Women’s Forum (2016-)